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Beane Roofing Coastal: Our Story

Years before Beane Roofing Coastal got its start, now-owner Scott Beane and his wife, Lori, wanted to make some changes to their North Carolina home. They encountered builders who weren't willing to accommodate simple requests to their house plan.

Scott started his own business in 2000 and decided to give other homeowners the flexibility and freedom to make a home their own. Beane Roofing Coastal in Morehead City, NC has since been in the residential and commercial roofing industry, specializing in hurricane and storm damage prevention and repair.

Scott Beane manages each roofing project and quotes each project personally. We are a family owned and operated business with two generations of experience.

Residential Roofing

Beane Roofing Coastal values communication, efficiency, and honest work. We've been working with local homeowners for years and we let our testimonials and workmanship do the advertising for us. Regardless of residential roof type, Beane Roofing Coastal believes the customer is in charge.

Commercial Roofing

From design to materials and cost, Beane Roofing Coastal understands commercial roofing nuances. Smoke stacks and external piping are just part of the equation. It takes a team of dedicated experts to execute your commercial roofing project, and we're always at the ready.

Hurricane & Storm Damage

Beane Roofing Coastal is based in Morehead City, North Carolina - so we know a thing or two about hurricanes and storms. We understand how businesses and homes are impacted each season, and we value our customers' peace of mind.

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